I Am Coming Soon!

This dream came to me in 2019. I was dreaming in a dream and could hear a loud voice yelling titles of the Lord Jesus, from scripture. For example, “ He is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, the All Mighty One, Redeemer…” this went on for a little bit, until I woke up in my dream. Then, I looked around and saw a door.

I was not allowed to see the Lord’s face, but I knew it was Him. I could only see Him from the chest-down. He had a white robe and He stood up from His throne. I couldn’t see anything else around Him. He said, “See, I am already standing.”

Then, He walked over to the white door and said,” I am coming quickly and am already at the door.” He grabbed the door knob, but did not open the door. He just kept His hands on it, then my dream was over.

I remember that His hand was whole. Although His robe covered His wrist, it was telling to me because it confirmed where His scar truly is. Most movies and art depict His hands being pierced, but History tells us that the Romans crucified people through the wrist, so that the body could hang and be supported. It would’ve been pierced between the ulna and the radius. I just remember loving that about my dream.

The message was clear. I wasn’t told a time or day. I was simply being told to “ be ready.” I was being told how late the hour truly is. I believe this, merely by prophecy unfolding before our very eyes. So, be ready, for I believe Jesus is coming soon.

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