Marriage is God’s amazing expression of His being. God intended for marriage to represent Him in many different forms. God created it to be shared between one man and one woman for a reason. One of those reasons is that the man represents traits of God that signify being sheltering, providing, protective and loving. The woman represents traits that exhibit tenderness, being nurturing, submissive, loving and embracing. Of course there are so many more I could mention, but my point is that this set up is by design, not a coincidence.

God possesses all of the traits that men and women have, was able to express them but wanted His Masterpiece creation by making humanity “in His image.”

I want to give examples throughout my blog, so that readers can better comprehend God’s perspective and appreciate His obvious love that society can so many times misinterpret as “punishment” or accuse God of being “unjust.”

One of the beautiful things about marriage (from God’s perspective) is that He sees marriage as a covenant. When couples get married, they sign a marriage license. The definition of a marriage is a union between two parties, an agreement that is legal. In marriage centuries past, even presently, it was a formal and legal agreement that was recognized by various people involved (family and witnesses). The interesting thing is that it can be easily broken by either party, really. This is not the purpose of marriage, I like God’s view of it much better, compared to humanity’s perspective of it.

With God, He doesn’t view marriage as a legal binding agreement, but on a much more serious level. God made covenants. A covenant was a permanent binding that had no ending and not only involved two people, but encompassed their very being. So, we can see why God said that to Him, “the two shall become one flesh.” That is deep! Not only do two people biologically produce one being (baby) and become one flesh, but it is also a spiritual union between the two that is seen by God as an intentional permanent situation.

In this blog, it is my hope to give guidance and strategies, using Biblical principles on how to pursue that Godly union. I also realize that no marriage is without it’s own trials and tribulations of some kind. No one has a “perfect marriage” (including myself). There will be days of testing, but join me in looking at marriage through God’s eyes and seeing how we can honor God through honoring our spouse. I hope this blesses you!

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