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  • Request a Bible from
    They will send one Bible to anyone in prison or that cannot afford one.
  • Philippines and Africa Residents. promises to send a New Testament Bible in the English, Tagalog or Hiligaynon language to anyone in the Philippines and Africa who cannot afford to purchase one. Requests are limited to one Bible per person.
  • will also take requests from small churches or ministries (Philippines & Africa only) who need Bibles for their ministry.
  • –   Download for Chinese Bible  – Audio downloads in over 4000 languages   – Audio Bibles in over 550 languages   Order Free Bibles from American Bible Society, 120 languages 


HINDU/South Asian EVANGELISM  Bible in Hindi  Godlife in language for West Bengali, include in first response to India  Godlife in language for West Bengali, include in first response to India Another good site for reaching out to people from Hindu background.

MUSLIM EVANGELISM  LIST of Muslim Countries with percentages.  Dari, Pashto, and Hazaragi translations for the Afghan peoples.  MANY video, books and articles that will assist your ministry to Muslims, requires sign-in credentials, but offers free materials.   English, Farsi, Arabic, Urdu, Indonesian and Hindi
  will send one free Arabic bible.
   Videos of former Muslims who have become Christians
    Helps Christians dialog with Muslims
  Testimony & video of Ergun Caner, former Muslim Video Testimonies about Jesus

THEOLOGY/RESEARCH – COURSES  – Affordable, Accessible Theological Education for Pastors in training, leaders and Christian workers to reach their own people by providing degrees, curriculum and ON-SITE training in 550 centers and 13 languages.  Verse by Verse Commentary and Bible Exposition   Major religions, Catholicism, Christian history, pointing to Christ   Bible commentaries, Bibles, dictionaries, maps, concordances.

For MOBILE use :   Robust multimedia theological education online in multiple languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic).  Free outside the USA  Christian ED tools/resources for evangelism, teachers, CHILDREN  FREE online Christian classes, over 40 different courses!    BIBLOS – online reference materials – huge data base!  Biblos site for mobile use, apps, downloads, Bible tools   Huge data base of concordances, categorized verses, commentaries, Bibles Operation World – demographics