Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Jacqueline Page

Forgiven and Redeemed, Early Childhood Educator, Supporter of Early Childhood Advocacy, Wife, Mother, CMA and CCHW.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I am really thankful to have you here. Let me share a little background about myself. I have been happily married to my amazing husband since 2008. We have two beautiful children, with another one on the way! Before starting a blog, I was an Early Childhood Educator for first time parents. I guided them beginning at the Prenatal stage, up until their child turned 5 years of age. My focus was on Child Development, Early Intervention and Prevention. I have a degree in Early Childhood and am certified in Child Development. I also am endorsed in Infant Mental Health.

In the past, I worked alongside OB-Gyn’s as a Medical Assistant and gained the healthcare experience in a setting that was focused on Women’s Health, I later worked in Podiatry.. I am also a Certified Community Healthcare Worker and have worked with families from over 12 different cultural backgrounds. The families I have worked with range from teen parents, single parents, refugees, parents of multiples, parents and children that have had physical disabilities, parents in rehab programs and homeless parents. The educational background of parents I have worked with has been from non-educated parents to parents with their Ph.D’s.

My focus ranged from teaching parenting skills, play therapy, working alongside Speech therapists and Physical therapists, giving support, teaching safety, working through trauma and mental health and providing resources of various kinds. I was able to guide parents weekly, so I got to know families very well because I saw them more often than they saw their own families!

I look to encourage all parents in becoming more confident in their parenting skills and raising resilient children.

I am a Christian woman that is using her experience and professional background to uplift families. I wish to discuss topics that are applicable to Christians and also hope that non-Christians alike, will be able to better understand Christianity through some of my posts. My hope is that everyone would come to know how amazing God is or at least have a seed of hope planted in their heart after reading my blog. God is very real and the reason for this blog. He is my driving force and I owe everything to Him. I will also discuss some more personal topics, which include Caregiving.

Please click to follow my posts and also look for all parenting post notifications through Instagram, my other account is baby_basics_101_us.. God bless you and your beautiful families!