Powerful Faith

It is a week before we celebrate the birth of our Savior, so I thought it fitting to expound on the amazing faith that Mary and Joseph had. They both endured tremendous circumstances that are often overlooked when hearing the Christmas story every year.

In Jewish culture, it was considered a sin for a woman to become pregnant before consummating the marriage, physically. Although, Mary and Joseph were in a marriage covenant, (Married legally) they still had not had sexual relations with one another. Before Joseph’s dream, he assumed that Mary had an affair and got impregnated. Imagine how Mary felt? She had been told by an Angel that she would become pregnant with God’s Son. Imagine her explaining that to Joseph. He was planning to secretly divorce her (in other words) let her live. In Jewish culture, adultery by the wife’s part was automatic grounds for punishment by stoning to death.

Mary must’ve been curious about her cousin’s pregnancy. Mary decided to visit Elizabeth, which I find very fitting because she would be able to discuss pregnancy with her. Mary’s parents might not have been very open to the idea that she was pregnant via the Holy Spirit. By visiting Elizabeth, her faith must have been refreshed. She was able to confirm what the Angel Gabriel had told her. She was also there for 3 months, so it gave her time to ask questions and I believe, to see Elizabeth give birth!

This answers a question I always had, “ how did Mary know what to do when giving birth with only Joseph being present?” So, during her visit, the Angel Gabriel must have spoken to Joseph. It would’ve been difficult for Mary to return because she would’ve still thought that Joseph was angry, but I truly believe she trusted God and her time with Elizabeth would’ve assured her to have faith.

After returning, Joseph would’ve shared his dream with Mary. I’m imagining that all of Nazareth was talking about them. They were president glad to leave town for the census, when they did.

Now having had 3 kids, I had to know how tired and uncomfortable it is in pregnancy at 9 months. I cannot imagine traveling around 80 miles on a donkey! I give Mary so much credit! When Mary began having contractions, Joseph must’ve been nervous! I can’t imagine how they both felt, but God was in control. You see, the census was a part of Satan’s plan to track down people. The Inn would’ve kept records, which could’ve lead Herod to track Jesus, but the Lord made it so that there was no room at any Inn. That kept the birth of Jesus from being documented anywhere!

I used to wonder, “ why would God allow such horrible circumstances for Mary and Joseph?” But now I understand. It was all part of His plan to protect Jesus. It was then, that Satan caused Herod to kill every male child under the age of two. But God had already provided the funding for the expense that Joseph would have to get up and move, suddenly. The gift of gold that the wise men brought to them, would now be used to help them move.

God is always in control, even though it may not go as we planned. We have to trust His plans and that always takes a lot of faith. This year is coming to an end, but have faith, even if things get bad, know for certain that God is sovereign and in control.

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