Will Life Ever Return to Normal?

This is the question on everyone’s mind. Our world has changed. We have gone from life as usual to having the globe come to a complete stop. Death rates have increased globally and the near future is yet unknown.

In my last post, it appeared that only the elderly were being affected. Now, it appears that the Corona virus is mutating and affecting all ages, including animals. So now, we look toward finding answers to the questions we have that are left, unanswered. “Where does this leave us?”

This is a trying time for many. Loved ones are dying alone in hospitals, normal funerals are unable to occur, the economy is falling, people are isolated, people are losing their jobs and businesses. The struggle is real, but so is God!

As a Christian, I do not fear because I have hope in God who is in control. I also know that one way God will try to get our attention is by using physical pain to address a spiritual issue. One example, is that of the plagues of Egypt. All the plagues were intentional because God targeted the idols that the Egyptians worshipped. It’s purpose was to get their spiritual attention, as well as Pharaoh’s. They worshipped many idols, one of which were frogs. So what did God do? God gave them more frogs than they could handle. He did so with many of the other plagues, as well. I see the same parallel today.

God has been able to use this virus to remove the idols of this world. Entertainment and sports are worshipped – now canceled. Money is worshipped – the economy was brought to a standstill. Bibles have been sold out at various stores and people are seeking God again. Through this suffering, people have come to realize that this invisible thing is very real, has the ability to change life’s circumstances and is out of their control.

I believe the same applies to God. He is very real, yet unseen. He is absolutely in control and has the power to change life’s circumstances “if” we’ll allow Him to.

So, will life return to normal? I believe that it will not. We have reached the climax of our story, in History. This is the turning point for everyone. For the Christian, we see the closeness of the rapture of the church and the beginning of the Tribulation period. For the Non-believers, this is the moment where there is an expected shift. Some view it as a “New Era”, others as an “Awakening”, others as a “New World Order.”

God always sends a warning, before judgement. Before He judged Sodom and Gamorah, He sent angels to warn lot. Before Noah’s flood, He had Noah preach about it for 120 years before judgement came. Although, I believe this virus is man-made, I also believe it is being God – used. If this Corona virus was limited to one nation, I would not think this way, but because it is global, I believe it is a wake-up call to the world! So many prophetic signs are happening that confirm the time of grace (church age) has almost come to a close. As people repent, God would heal our world from this virus and life could go back to normal. Perhaps people will pray to God and ask this of Him. If so, we will see healing and change, prosperity and more! He is the God of second chances, but He also requires genuine repentance. At this point, I only see that the world is heading for a massive downward spiral (lawlessness, increased crime, hate, murder, etc.).

I also believe that if there isn’t a massive change of heart, things will not go back to normal. Things will slowly continue to build up towards a One World government, cashless society and tracking people on a massive scale. But the one thing that will lead the world into a “forced” system, will be a “trigger.” This trigger will be the mass disappearance of Christians worldwide, an event known as the rapture. With the disappearance of millions, it will enforce global tracking on a massive scale for “safety” reasons. People will slowly lose their rights and a One-World Leader will arise to control the masses through ushering in a pseudo “peace” that will unite the world. This man is known in the Bible as the Anti-Christ.

As followers of Christ, we are not to be afraid, but wise. Jesus forewarned us of what to expect so that when we would see these things, we would remember that He said it first. “And now I have told you before it happens, so that when it does happen, you will believe” John 14:29. Jesus also encourages Christians that instead of growing in fear because of all the things that must come to pass, we should get excited. “When these things begin to happen, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near” Luke 21:28.

It is our redemption from our corrupted body. In a moment, we will be changed. Just as Jesus’s body was changed to a glorified state, so will ours be. “Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed” I Cor. 15:52.

We must also be aware that pandemics can come in waves. It could be that the virus dies off with the summer heat, but comes back stronger in the winter. As we wait to see, we must trust in the Lord to watch over us. There are to be many birth pains leading up to the beginning of the Tribulation. Jesus called these birth pains the “beginning of many sorrows” Matthew 24:8. As we witness the increase in frequency and intensity of wars, famine, pestilence, and earthquakes, our faith remains because we have salvation, come what may. Our bodies may suffer, but our souls are eternally secured in salvation through Jesus Christ. So stay strong and be encouraged. Jesus is coming back soon for His bride, the church! Keep praying and keep looking up!

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