TEn Benefits of a Christian Homeschool

It’s been so long since I last wrote a post! My Dad was diagnosed with Dimentia and passed away this summer. As a result, my blog took a backseat . I have been in the trenches of Homeschooling since January of 2020 and I would love to share just how much I believe my children are benefiting from it. My hope is that this will help encourage others that are either considering Homeschooling or are already there. I write from a Biblical perspective, but it can still be applied to families that are not religious and merely looking for some extra encouragement.

It Brings Order

As a working Mother, I was juggling to get home, make dinner, make sure the kids did their homework, then get them ready for bed. All of my housework was left to weekends. It made for always having a house, less than tidy and adding more stress.

Now, each child has their own list of chores, which they are accountable for. Every day is on a very tight schedule, but yet offers flexibility. It has been the most effective way to keep things in order. Things get done!

It Strengthens Family

As a working Parent, I was not really able to provide quality time to my kids. This is not to say that a working Parent should feel guilty. Working Parents are providing food, shelter, clothing and a warm home, which is more than enough for being a good Parent. As a Stay-At-Home Mother, I have been able to spend such quality time with my kids. We do everything together and work through things together.


Even as Christians, we fell into the trap of being conformed to only addressing God when we went to church, said grace at dinner or had a major problem. Now, I have been able to actually make God a part of our everyday lives. Not only do we incorporate Him into our curriculum, but we place Him at the center of everything we face. The kids have learned that He is an ever present God, whether we are in good times, or bad ones. It’s something our family has really seen a huge difference in and it is such a privilege to be able to teach the Bible to my children at home. We love it and we all get so much more out of it!


When I was thrown into Homeschooling, I knew that we needed more support! We looked into a Christian Homeschool Co-Op and joined. We have been able to meet other Christian families that are going through exactly the same things we have faced. It is so comforting to meet seasoned Homeschooling Parents that are there to encourage a newbie. Our kids have also been able to meet other kids, whose Parents are Christian and share the same beliefs and values. I highly recommend it and would discourage any Parent that is doing it solo, without a Co-op. Homeschooling families need the connections.


In public school, my children were limited to one or two field trips a year. As a Homeschooling family, we have gone on at least two field trips a month, if not more! We have been able to really enjoy them, as well because we are not on a public school schedule. We can take our time and enjoy any place we visit. We have simply learned and visited so many places that we never would’ve had time to do, previously! Another plus for any family! The great part of being a part of a Co-Op is that their field trips are almost always free.


I cannot stress enough just how much I have learned! Yes, I am an educated Mother, but as a Homeschooling Mother, I have been thrown into a researching field that has been such a blessing! Homeschooling has really involved me as a Parent and helped me to really learn about all areas of a subject or life. Parents so often leave the public school system to teach their children, but when a Parent is in control of that information, it truly opens up the knowledge that will come into your Homelife!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


It has been really challenging to switch roles, but Homeschooling has really forced me into having to manage my time better. Yes, there is flexibility, but making sure that our day runs well is key. I have been able to organize my time effectively. It’s a learning process and family dynamics change all the time, but being able to organize everyone’s work flow, really helps place more order into one’s life. As a Christian, it really reflects God’s time management and order to us, as a family too.


Homeschooling really helped me to zoom in on each one of my children’s unique learning style. I was not as tuned into it when they were in public school, simply because I was leaving that to their Teacher. Since then, I have been able to address what works and what doesn’t. The liberty of Homeschooling also allows for a Parent to be able to switch from one method to another. In public school, they use a “cookie cutter” method, which places every child into the same mold. As a Homeschooling Parent, one will find that each child is different. Once that is honed in, the learning process is made easier and more effective for everyone.


One of the best things about Homeschooling is the endless amount of resources to use! It is a double-edged sword, really because I can switch constantly, but at the same time, have my favorites. The key is sticking to the ones that work best. I have some amazing resources that my kids might not have ever come across in public school. Technology today makes it really innovative for Parents. I love being able to use my iPad to cast what I’m viewing, onto our t.v. screen! It gives me the freedom to teach as well as the control and flow of the lesson at hand. Very family really has to do their research and consider their child’s learning styles, but as a family, I definitely don’t limit myself to new and better resources.


Previously, when my kids were in public school, I just felt that there was always something missing from th classroom’s progress and potential. I understand how demanding it is to teach a large classroom full of kids. I also understand that not all schools have the same teaching styles or techniques. Charter schools are great because it removes the expensive cost of a private school, but to anyone wondering whether or not Homeschooling is worth it, I encourage it 100%. In a day and age where there is so much choice, there are still areas that cannot be avoided. Those include: bullying, peer pressure, bad influences, indoctrination and I could go on and on. As a Parent, I have felt a sense of comfort because I am able to control and decide exactly what my children will learn and keep them from the unnecessary worldly noise. Yes, it’s very stressful at times, but as Parents, we’re raising the next generation of leaders, so it’s like an investment. The return is the focus and at the end of the day, Homeschooling does exactly that, it delivers for both the Parent and the child.

I hope you like my review, please let me know if you are Homeschooling or plan to. If this has helped you out, please remember to share! God bless a you and I hope you come back for more posts!

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