My Second Rapture Dream

I had my second rapture dream years after the first one. It was 20 years later. I was a newly wed and it was before we had any children.

My dream began where I was taking a walk in the neighborhood where I grew up. It seemed like a Sunday because Sundays are usually very quiet. I remember looking up because the sky was clear, no clouds were in view. Just a beautiful afternoon.

Then, I heard the sound of a shofar. It was out of the ordinary, but when I heard it the second time, it got my attention. When I heard it the third time, I looked up because I knew that this was it!

Then, suddenly, I saw multiple black tornados descending from the sky, all at once. I didn’t know what was going on, but I kept looking. I realized that one was descending upon me and I was literally frozen. I didn’t move, but at the same time, I had no fear.

“Do not be afraid.”

As it descended upon me I saw an Angel inside the “ tunnel.” He was tall, clothed in white and had really curly hair. He told me, “Do not be afraid. We’re going to be leaving now at a very fast rate, so hold onto me, we’ll be in Heaven soon.”

I hugged the Angel and I looked down, but was no longer standing in the street. I was being “transported” and trying to process everything. I remember thinking, “this came so quickly, am I ready to face the Lord?” “Will He be proud of my life or will He take away rewards?” I remember thinking how fast my time on Earth had truly gone by and how nervous I was. I had that moment where I felt my life flash before me and how I realized that this life is truly short, compared to eternity.

My dream ended before I got to Heaven. When I woke up I was left thinking how much regret I had because I hadn’t done much for God or spreading the gospel.

It shouldn’t take a dream to force us into doing things for the Lord. We should naturally want to spread the good news about salvation because of what Jesus did for us and because we are saved from the flames of Hell.

Like my first dream, this one was just as vivid, but was more impactful. I treasure it in my heart because I know it is from God. Scripture tells us that at the trumpet of God, we will all be changed. I really like that what I heard was a shofar in my dream. I look forward to that day when my faith shall be made into sight and I stand before Jesus. Until that day, I’ll continue to spread the good news, the gospel.

If you’re saved, know that we are commanded to make disciples. It’s not a suggestion, but a command. By simply telling someone about Jesus is already sharing the gospel. Remember, we plant the seed and allow God to water it. Then, someone else will harvest it. Don’t let that day come without knowing you paid it forward for God.

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