What Is This Vaccine?

I encourage everyone to do your own research, but here is some insight as to what is coming with this heralded “ vaccine.”

It is an RNA vaccine that is being pushed for a virus where 96% of the people infected, recover. MIT has patented a system called Luciferase (sound familiar?) that will use a “light” technology to detect whether or not the vaccine is under the skin of any person.

This vaccine will contain nanotechnology that will be able to record and submit your biometric data (what you eat, medication you take, food you ingest, everything on relation to your body function) and it will store that data in the cloud.

There Bill and Melinda Gates foundation also patented their own technology on March 26, 2020 whose patent number is 060606 (look familiar?). This would connect everyone to the cloud as a crypto currency and would basically make all that participate a slave to the “system.”

Once this vaccine is injected, it literally attaches to the body and changes a person’s DNA. Each person becomes not only programmable from an outside source, but is genetically, no longer considered human.

Again, I have mentioned the technology that DARPA has called the hydro gel that is injectable and will be first introduced to the military. This guarantees controlling them and could prevent anyone who would think about rebelling, to do so. Next, it would be voluntary. But, in the end, not all will submit to this and the idea will be to ensnare everyone by telling them that the world will not go back to normal unless everyone takes the vaccine and it is then that it will be forced onto the world. “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads” Revelation 13:16.

This is what is coming. Jesus foretold it 2,000 years ago to John, whom afterward wrote the book of Revelation, which means “the unveiling.” This unveiling is of what is to come. If you know Jesus, this should excite you because you know that He is coming to redeem you from God’s wrath to come. If you’re not a Christian, this is your wake up call. Accept that the gospel is the truth and ask Jesus into your life today.

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