For Such a Time As This

We are living in interesting times! Every single one of us has a past history that was forged by God, for such a time as this. For those of us that are Christians, we have had past experiences that have prepared us for these times in which we are living.

As my crazy busy days go by, I can see in my own life that God was preparing me for today. Despite the trials I went through, God used them to break me from myself and to strengthen me for this year, 2020.

I have taken my parents in to care for them and I am so thankful that it happened when it did because now they are settled in. I resisted God’s will when I had to walk away from my career to be a Caregiver. I also resisted the idea of blogging as a ministry.

I now see that God’s hand was always in it, through each trial. He was hard pressing my life to mold me into the woman of God He could use for His glory, but He was also putting me through trials for your benefit!

I strongly believe that God is using His followers to minister to others. My blog might just be for one person. If that person is you, it was all worth it! I launched my blog January 1, 2020. I also felt God was leading me to Homeschool my kids. I resisted for a while because I was being selfish. I needed time to tend to my home, my parents and go to the gym! God kept pressing me, so I finally said yes to God.

Shortly after that, I became pregnant. I definitely didn’t want to Homeschool at that point, but I felt the Holy Spirit was still asking me to quit fighting His will. I pulled my kids out and one month later, the schools were closed due to the Corona virus.

How can I juggle a new baby, caring for my parents and Homeschooling? Only through His strength! This is exactly God’s point! He was loading me up, so I would solely rely on Him. By pulling out my kids, perhaps my parents were safeguarded from getting the virus. By Homeschooling, maybe my children will be prevented from being indoctrinated by whatever might come into our public schools, due to this pandemic. I’m raising arrows for Him and it’s all His plan, I just need to obey.

I still hope to maintain my blog, although I will be more limited on time. I just want whomever it is that is reading this to know that someone’s mess, might just be their message to you. Just as your own mess might be your message to someone that needs to hear it.

God knows my situation, yet I have seen Him bless others through my website, Twitter and Instagram. I never would’ve had time, while working full time. God has slowed the world down, intentionally. This is not a scrimmage, the race and the birth pains are well into full swing!

So, how will you come through? All marathons get more intense as the finish line gets closer. All labor pains increase in succession and intensity. So, while Jesus is our eternal hope, we still must experience the full race, the entire birthing experience. As Christians, we can see that the economy is in trouble worldwide. We can see that real people have actually died from this tragic pandemic. It’s an intense time to be alive!

I believe God wants His followers to pray without ceasing, preach the gospel and prepare their hearts for the remainder of this race. How has God prepared you? Reflect on the past trials you’ve gone through. What did they do to your character? How did they enhance your relationship with God?

This year is the best time to pray often and longer. We know God holds the future in His hands, so we are simply asked to trust and obey. As the world continues to go into a downward spiral, we are still the salt and the light. As salt, we are here to persevere and help others to do the same. As light, we are here to show others that without Jesus, judgement will mean eternal damnation.

Our focus needs to be on Jesus, not the storm. Seeking and standing up for truth, but not getting pulled into the distractions that come with the latest trends, news or media. It’s difficult, but we need to allow God to work. At our weakest He will strengthen us. In II Corinthian’s 12:9 it says, “But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is perfected in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly in my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest on me.” In our trials, He promises to see us through! We still have to go through them, but He’s with us until we make it through. “Yet He knows the way I have taken; when He has tested me, I will come forth as gold” Job 23:10.

So although we watch the news and see the latest horrific stories, stop to think that we were created for such a time as this. God specifically chose you, chose me to pray and be a witness during this time in history. Now is the time to shine! Don’t let fear or doubt steal your Joy! Instead, use it to lift somebody up. The difference you can make in someone’s life could be the answer to their prayer.

Light always shines brightest in the darkness.

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