Let Me Introduce Myself…

Thank you for visiting my blog, I am really thankful to have you here. Let me share a little bit about myself. I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ wanting to spread the gospel message to as many possible! I have been happily married to my Amazing Husband, Barry, for 11 years and we have two precious children. My husband and I are caretakers to my parents and we find our strength only in Jesus! Before starting a blog, I was an Early Childhood Educator to first time parents. I guided them from their prenatal experience, up until their child reached the age of 5. I focused the child’s development, Early Intervention and Prevention. I am certified in Child Development and endorsed in Infant Mental Health. I have worked with many families ranging from 12 different cultural backgrounds, from around the globe and helped guide them through the toughest first years of parenting. I worked with multiple family settings; teen parents, single parents, refugees, parents of multiples, children with physical disabilities, transitioning parents (homeless and women in shelters) and parents earning higher education. My focus ranged on teaching parenting skills, play therapy, giving support, life skills, resources, referrals, and so much more! I worked with a lot of mental health and saw neglect, abuse, domestic violence, trauma and made sure that through all the struggles, parents and their children came out resilient. This was not 100% of the time, but I would say that when a parent(s) have support and they have many struggles, the positive impact was obvious in their lives. I have many stories that involve heart wrenching situations, but it was my passion to – in a sense, “hold their hands” through it all and show them the love of Jesus.

In 2018 my Mother suffered congestive heart failure and I found myself in a situation where it was necessary for me to step away from my career, in order to tend to the demands of being a Caregiver. It was very difficult to go from being a working professional into transitioning as a stay-at-home Mother/Caregiver/Case Manager. The last five years have been a time of intense trials and tribulation for me, personally. I always assumed that trials were brief, at most, extending to a maximum of “6 months-max!” Well, I have learned that trials will take as long as they need to, with the Lord. The great news is that they have a purpose and it is not wasted pain. I believe that the Lord is leading me to share everything that came from that experience. I will also discuss topics that are affecting Christians within our culture. I will discuss the perspective and experience of being in the professional world and transitioning to the life of a Stay-at-Home wife. I will also discuss the role reversal of having to become a “parent” to my parents (even though I am their child). I will discuss the intense trials I have faced and how God has used that pain for the good of myself and others. I also like to think deeply and hope that some of my articles will help bring all readers to have a deeper and more meaningful, clear perspective of God and how He works in our lives through experiences and relationships. I also hope everyone will find a sense of peace, knowing that the struggles we face are real, but so is God!

I believe that the Lord has lead me to begin this ministry by using my gifts and talents to serve Him, by reaching out to others. It is funny how the Lord works because the idea of having a blog was never in my plans or even in my radar. His ways are not our ways, but my hope is that this will be a ministry that helps promote a deeper relationship and view of God. I also want to point any non-Christians to Jesus because He is real and alive. I can’t think of any other way that God gets a hold of someone best or grabs their attention, as through intense trials, tribulation, pain and suffering. Pain is such an interesting subject that I also plan to write about and expound upon it. I could’ve had another blog on parenting or home making, but the Lord has lead me to use my pain and experiences because we can all relate to pain. I am sharing the Jesus I have come to know. I believe that God has broken me from myself. The Lord has had me come to serve Him through this blog. If you come across my blog and are of any different belief, please take the time to read and know that you are not here by coincidence. God loves you and perhaps He wants you to take away a message from what you find here. My hope is that you come to know our Amazing God or at least have a seed of hope planted in your heart after reading my blog. This is all for the glory of Jesus and done in my “spare time” so bare with me because I have a lot on my plate. I will do my best to post once a week, but if not, please be patient. I am simply placing my pain, knowledge and experience into writing and hope that others can relate and feel encouraged because there is always hope, when God is in the equation or circumstance.

I do not get paid for allowing adverts on my site because it is very distracting and I simply want people to come to this site to read and not be irritated by advertisements. I simply pay to post this site. Should anyone feel lead to donate to this ministry, please know that I am not asking for donations, but will use them towards this ministry for upkeep of this website, fees and to bless families. First, we are to make sure our families are provided for. Firstly, we Christians, have the obligation to help widows, the Fatherless and Brothers and Sisters in Christ when they are in need. I am simply doing what I feel the Lord is directing me to do. I trust that as the Lord guides, He provides. He has been my Champion and has never let me down. This is simply sharing experiences with families and hoping it uplifts, blesses and edifies each and every one of you! Thank you for your time and enjoy the blog! May God bless you!

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